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How to manage edge gateway in vCloud?

  1. Go to your vCloud platform and click on Networking.
  2. There you will see:
    vCloud networking
  3. So click on Edge Gateway and you will see the default firewall:
    vCloud edge gateway
  4. To edit this firewall, you need to click on the firewall name.
  5. Then, you need to click on Firewall:
    vCloud Firewall
  6. The vCloud platform has a default rule – the cleanup rule.

The main purpose of firewalls is to drop all traffic that is not explicitly permitted. As a safeguard to stop uninvited traffic from passing through the firewall. So if you need to add rules to your firewall, click on EDIT RULES.

The newly created rule should be on top because if it will be above the default rule, there will be no traffic, it will not reach the destination, and it will be dropped.

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