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How to create a network in vCloud?

  1. To create a new Network, click Add in the Networking view as shown below:
    vCloud networking new
  2. In the dialog, select scope – your organization’s virtual data center and select the type of network to be created:
    vCloud network type
    If an Edge Gateway is present, create a routed network, otherwise, a new isolated network can be created.
  3. At the next page, if you are creating a Routed network, you will see an Edge Connection screen next. Select the relevant Edge Gateway and which type of Interface you wish to use, then select Next.
  4. Then enter the network’s display name and Gateway address in CIDR format. In this example we use as our Gateway:
    vCloud new vDC network
  5. At the next screen, allocate internal IP pools for the subnet. Enter a range in the box and select Add.
    The example shows that it would include a subnet on, with a Gateway on as defined above, and allocates –
    vCloud new vDC network 2
  6. Select Next and then you have the option of defining DNS servers at the penultimate screen but this step is not mandatory.
  7. At the final screen, check your configuration and if everything is correct, click on Finish.
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