“Tier III Facility” Certificate Finally in Our Hands

January 7, 2022

Proud to say that we’re stepping into 2022 not only with new goals but also with ambitious work results from the past year. At the end of 2021, a worldwide recognized “Uptime Institute” issued us a “Tier III Facility” certificate. This official award added to the first one, “Tier III Design”, we got in 2019. Simply put, professionals rating data centers worldwide recognized – “RackRay” meets the highest service quality requirements. What did we do to get the certificate, and why is it so important both for our team and you?


“Tier III Facility” – What’s So Special About This Certificate?

While looking for quality service, you would most likely come across many promising slogans – recognized, certified, and meeting the highest standards would be among the most repeated phrases. Still, the truth is, not everyone who claims it can prove their words. Since the beginning of our journey in 2015, our primary goal has been to craft the highest-quality data center and services. So, meeting the world-class standards seemed to be our duty rather than the way to show off.

As we’ve already mentioned, we got our first “Tier III Design” certificate back in 2019. That time the “Uptime Institute” recognized – our DC project meets the requirements to guarantee:

  • 99,982% uptime (no more than 95 minutes of downtime per year)
  • All components to be duplicated or redundant
  • Maximum virtual and physical data security

The first document obliges its’ owners to equip the data center premises according to the specific criteria and ensure that each server is powered by enterprise-class hardware and software. Not a single component that’s important for a smooth Dedicated and Cloud servers’ functioning can be missed.

In November 2021 we were issued a second "Uptime Institute" certificate – "Tier III Facility".

While the first one indicates a company meets the world-class service at a project level, the second one confirms – “RackRay” absolutely fulfills the world-class DC project standards. In terms of all physical and technical requirements.

Why Is This Acknowledgement So Important for Us and for You?

The moment we’ve got our first certificate, we knew right away – our team was ready to take the next step. And we started the work towards the official recognition of the data center project compliance. Obviously, there were at least a few reasons to put the hard work in. The most important ones:

  1. Recognition of our team’s daily efforts and knowing that we’re on the right track.
  2. Getting to know our systems even better and understanding their functioning and compatibility at another level.
  3. Gaining a competitive advantage – this certificate is another proof that “RackRay” can compete in the global market with world-class, leading service providers.

There are only 5 data centers certified with the “Tier III Facility” in the Baltic States. Proudly, the 4 of them are in Lithuania.

We can definitely say that with each certificate, our team got more professional, and the services were improved significantly.

To get the second certificate, we had to get into the subtleties of maximum servers’ availability, speed, and security once again. The actual “Tier III Facility” testing showed the ones who trust us – “RackRay” can assure the maximum data:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Smooth management

Keeping up to those requirements with no breaks might seem like a real challenge. And it is. Still, we proved ourselves – we can do it even under the most unfavorable conditions. Our data center functions smoothly, both locally and globally.


Our Progress While Reaching the Tier III Quality Standards

Strict “Uptime Institute” requirements set very clear guidelines for equipping the data center, setting up the hardware and software. Of course, these are not the only reason we regularly look for new, innovative solutions. The ones who entrust us with their projects are a part of our achievements and motivation to improve.

Still, aiming to the highest “Tier III” world-class standards, we’ve come a long way since the very start. Just a few steps of our progress – we’ve:

  • Increased the number of professional equipment
  • Strengthened physical and virtual data security criteria
  • Implemented many significant tests of our software and hardware
  • Integrated the best performed DC system’s testing solutions

All those steps above both times were taken together with the “Uptime Institute” specialists. And both times, our team was ready for a change – if you want to compete with the leaders, you must never stop investing in the quality of your current and new services.

So what’s next? Well, we’re going to continue the path of challenges and growth – personal, as a team, and a competitive company. We always have great deals to offer for those looking at their digital business in the same, ambitious way. Choose one of the already crafted dedicated or cloud servers plans or configure one to meet a unique project needs yourself. In case you have any questions – let’s talk.

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