Data leak – how to avoid it in online business?

May 17, 2022

Data leak is one of the biggest losses in online business. In a worst-case scenario, a company or consumers lose not only data but also money. In fact, the loss of trust is just as painful for brands today. Some scandals result in a short-term image crisis, while others result in a drastic, long-term decline in sales. Want to protect your start-up or improve the safety of an existing project? IT market experts share key insights.


First step – choosing the right, secure server

Want to close any gaps in virtual or physical data security? Then it’s worth starting with the technical foundation – the server. Important aspects include the way the website is hosted and the data is managed, also the physical equipment on which it is stored. In short, you should evaluate:

  • the type of server: some projects run efficiently on flexible cloud computing servers, while others require the increased security and resources of dedicated servers;
  • data center: it’s not just the location of the data center that counts, but also the guarantees that the company uses only top-quality, professional hardware and software, and invests in the security of the building itself.

In terms of the type of servers, cloud computing and dedicated servers should not be confused. Experts advise simply to critically assess your unique expectations and needs. Cloud servers are often chosen by those who do not require specific physical server configurations. As well as those who do not have a well-defined number of required resources. The cloud is ideal for those who are developing or already managing large projects that require enhanced security and unlimited resources.

What does virtual information security depend on? First and foremost, it depends on professional data center hardware, which should be able to work with high volumes of information. Then, certain solutions between the data center owners and you (such as integrating additional software, antivirus, and data encryption applications) help to protect sensitive information. If you don’t know where to start when looking for a suitable, trustworthy data center, you may want to check the certifications of potential partners. For example, the globally recognized TIER III certification ensures maximum efficiency and security.


Optimized data distribution

Are you dealing with a lot of traffic? Be aware that data should not only be stored securely but also distributed intelligently. Server rental specialists offer optimized data distribution processes. Especially according to the level of confidentiality, importance, and relevance of the information. The virtual environment must also be kept in order – this will make it much easier to identify potential threats and provide enhanced protection for sensitive components. By the way, data backups must also be taken care of. These will allow you to restore, for example, information that has been maliciously deleted.


Partner responsibilities, or why you should care about the safety of others

The truth is that when you are looking for ways to improve your safety system, you shouldn’t just think about your own. Ambitious online projects have many components – suppliers, partners, software, and other solutions needed for smooth functioning. It’s not without reason that we say you should choose your partners responsibly. Usually, professionals in their field also ensure the highest level of security standards, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to look into how the security of your company’s data is guaranteed. Remember – a flaw in their system could be a threat to yours.


Responsible access management

A data leak can also be caused by irresponsible access management. Specifically, uncontrolled access to sensitive files by employees or partners. Imagine, for example, using cloud servers to successfully share work over distance. Server rental experts recommend integrating software (a control panel) that allows you to easily and efficiently control who can see and modify the files they see. Give access to a specific person or only to professionals in certain positions. By the way, if you have successfully tamed the hybrid working model, be sure to invest in a VPN.

Want to avoid losses caused by data leaks? It turns out that it’s all about simple solutions and small everyday steps. The key is to choose trusted experts, responsible partners, and team members who listen to your unique needs. If you feel there may be gaps in your system, or you have no idea where to start looking for them, look for server rental and IT professionals.

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