Customer case – Gamblify

June 6, 2022

A wide range of businesses can benefit from high-quality and reliable IT services. Especially if you are an online business. A lot of aspects can contribute to customer success – not only a great idea and neat business plan but even seemingly small things like good domain, website speed, SEO, and other aspects of the website. Today we want to share a customer case – Gamblify. It’s a company that develops software and hardware solutions and offers products ranging from slot machines to online casino solutions. One of these solutions is – an independent platform offering reviews of online casinos, games, and anything gamble-related.


What’s the main idea behind CasinoDaddy?

CasinoDaddy offers unbiased reviews, up-to-date ratings, different articles, and recommendations – all information you might need on the online casino market. Let’s say you are interested in crypto – you can go to our website, read the reviews, look through our Best Crypto Casinos 2023 list and choose the best casino for yourself. It makes it very easy for the users and offers many winning opportunities.


What was most important to you when choosing an IT service provider?

Gamblify works in a few different segments and offers a quite wide range of services but one of the things that remain stable is that we’re always looking for quality, reliability, and safety.


What is your experience working with Miss Group?

It’s great. We feel like we have a true business partner that we can trust and that helps us grow. The team is very professional and proactive, so we know that we’re in good hands.


Did you experience an improvement since you moved to Miss Group? In what way?

Our website speed improved, which improves user experience and Google ratings. 24/7 customer support helps us solve any issues in a fast and efficient way. So it didn’t only improve our services, but also gave us peace of mind. We can now focus on growing our business and don’t worry about IT infrastructure, because we have plenty of room to grow.


Would you recommend working with Miss Group to others?

100%! As a large international company group, Miss Group can offer not only a wide range of services but complete IT solutions from A to Z. You get personal attention, a modern approach to the hosting business, and professional expertise.

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